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 [Sale] Imperial Guard Army and Chaos Forumware

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Date d'inscription : 29/01/2014

MessageSujet: [Sale] Imperial Guard Army and Chaos Forumware   Lun 3 Aoû - 11:04

Recently I checked my armies and decided that one of them must go. I will sell this one only in bulk, sorry, no splitting

2x Infantry Company (Exodus Wars) including conversions for Command Stand and Commissars
at least 14 Chimeras (Brigade Models)
4 painted Sentinels (Buggies from DRM)
4 unpainted Sentinels (Buggies from DRM)
5 Hydras (Brigade Models with GW Bitz) painted
Dune Buggies proxiing Manticores, 3 painted, 6 partly painted (Brigade Models)
3 Baneblades (GW) painted
2 Shadowswords (one primed white, the other one painted) (GW+Bitz)
A Leman Russ Coy painted (converted Ork Tanks) (GW+Bitz)
Another Russ Coy, unpainted (GW+Bitz)
3 Demolishers, same style as the other Russes, painted (GW+Bitz)
A Plasma-Superheavy tank based on a Baneblade, unpainted (GW+Bitz)
A Vulcan-Mega Bolter Superheavy Tank tank based on a Baneblade, unpainted (GW+Bitz)
A Leviathan based on the popular Dystopian Wars Model, primed and first colors
A Rough Rider Platoon (Exodus Wars) painted
4 Vultures painted (Exodus Wars)
4 Valkyries painted (Exodus Wars)
8 Bases with Stormtroopers (Exodus Wars) painted
4 MiGs, proxiing Thunderbolts, painted (forgot the manufacturer, I think Raiden Miniatures)
2 Custom Deathstrikes (GW Bit plus Plasticard, then casted twice), painted
A bag with even more Exodus Wars stuff (Riot Troopers with Shields, Valkyries, Vultures, Snipers, Infantry) and some MDF Bases.
Two Warhounds (one painted in matching colours to the army, one started to being painted in Blue)
3 matching Objectives for the army

The army was painted around 2010 (I think) and has won two awards for "Best Painted Army" here in Germany. The Valkyries and Storm Troopers also won the EpiComp 2011 in the category "Exodus Wars".

I was looking for around 375€ including shipping in Europe. Oversees would have to pay a bit extra, sorry.

On Offer Forumware:
2x Brass Scorpion
4x Blood Slaughterer
2x Chaos-Droppods
9x Defilers (O-Ware)
A bag of Obliterators (have to count, at least 9, me thinks)

Make me an offer on these
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[Sale] Imperial Guard Army and Chaos Forumware
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