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 Ce que l'on sait des règles...

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MessageSujet: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitimeJeu 17 Mai - 12:04

Je vous propose de lancer un sujet pour rassembler ce que l'on sait des règles de la v2 d'Adeptus Titanicus :

On commence par un extrait des informations disponibles sur la page FB officieuse d'Adeptus Titanicus :

Citation :
General knowledge about the upcoming release.

•Adeptus Titanicus is set during the Horus Heresy.
•Titan model size will be in 8mm making the engines bigger than the original Warlords.
•AT books will be the same as the Heresy black campaign books, but instead of the red coloured theme the AT ones will be blue themed.
•Two Legio's in the first book will have Legio specific rules. Legio Tempestus and Legio Gryphonicus. Other Legio's will be in the first book to but will get their Legio rules in later books.
•The first book is set on Beta-Garmon IV (titandeath). The battles that rage in this book open the door to Terra for Horus. The second book is still of unknown location but we can hope it's Mars 😏
•Titans covered in this book are the common Warhound, Reaver & Warlord. As well as several knights. Pending on the popularity of AT depends on the resources put into exploring other titan classes such as the Carnivore or Komodo classes in later books.
•The standard sized game is set on a 4x4 board.
•Actions such as reactor melt down, losing locomotion an rotating abilities when taking to much damage to certain areas, fires breaking out onboard and the best of all. When your titan has taken to much damage an falls it performs a random action such as one last volley of fire as it stumbles an falls.
•Line of sight is needed for most weapons but some weapons have a barrage rule and won't need LOS such as missile.
•ordo sinister are in, maybe not first book but they are coming.
•more weapons such as warp missiles & Ursus claws will be modelled.
•3 ways to play:
-Bring anything
-narrative play (replay all the classics from the fluff)
-matched play
•Scenery pack such as buildings and objectives talked about.
•Weapons will have points pre set holes for magnets.
•The reactor dice is a D6 but with little radioactive symbols on it



So rules, standard set up in deployment zone etc. This is the basic game system so you get a rough idea how it's going to work without going into to much detail. There is commands etc an special rules but I won't cover that. This is just a basic turn lay out so you get a rough idea of the game to come.

This goes for every turn:

•Both roll a D10, highest roll decides if they go first or not. Referred to as initiative stage.

•Movement- You move one Titan, then they move one Titan, an so on till all titans have moved. As a 'standard' so it doesn't get to complicated here as they all have different speeds. You can move forward let's say 6" or you can sidestep or back up half so 3". You can run but you'll need to push your reactor to do this.

•Then onto combat/firing stage. You fire all weapons on one Titan, then they fire one Titan etc again till all titans have shot.
The weapons are different in this! Some of your laser D weapons when fired put pressure on your reactor. Pushing your reactor to much will mean bad things, so a well balanced Titan is key here. No D spam as you'll probably kill yourself or go into overheated shutdown. Vulcans, Gatlers & missile are great for void stripping an thats when you can over charge your plasma an turbo lasers etc to kill or just shoot them normally. Just don't overcharge them to much as you'll start to over heat. To push your reactor you roll a reactor dice. This has different amounts of pressure, so if it was a d6 an you rolled a 1 = no change, but if you rolled a 6 = reactor goes from green line up through yellow to orange to red lining it. Red line is bad... very bad. Don't over rev your engine 😉
Shooting, roll to hit. Roll to wound standard sort of stuff. If all voids shields have been taken out it's a little different as your hitting the Titan now. Once you've hit an it's got no voids you roll a location dice. (Legs, body, head, weapons etc) then add a D6 to the str of the gun an see if the total is high enough to damage that area. The higher the number the more damage it does. From hit, to devastating hit or even critical hit. You get the idea! To much damage to one area will effect the Titans performance till eventually it takes to much punishment an dies. There are some cool things that happen when a titan goes down as we found out.

•repair stage, same sort of thing again. This is the time to bring back voids an cool your reactor down. So if you want another engine dead an you fire everything at max for a few turns an your engines getting a little hot now is the time to start fanning the reactor.

End of turn, Turn 2 repeat above.

So that's the basic feel of the game. It's very tactical an a team game. Your maniple will work better if you play as a whole an set up kill zone rather than just sending them out for one on ones. They are hard to kill as I found out the hard way. Hope this helps, I guarantee you you will love this game.

Autres informations en provenance de Battle Bunnies : http://battlebunnies.blogspot.fr/2018/05/adeptus-titanicus-demo-pod-tacticae.html?m=1

Battle Bunnies a écrit:
In this section, basic game play was discussed here. One of the key mechanics is that you need to give your titans orders at the start of a given turn - for each order you make, you need to pass a command test to see if the command succeeded, if you fail then you can not make any further commands in that turn. This is important as in the event that you do not give a titan an order, all they can do is their default basic move and shoot actions which could potentially leave them vulnerable so the order in which you give your titans orders is incredibly important - its like how player activation order can be important in BloodBowl!

The size of the titans can have a big effect in the game - carapace weapons have a minimum distance statistic for the event that they are firing at a smaller titan so you can effectively halve the firepower of a warlord titan with a reaver titan by getting up close and personal and force them to back pedal. Also, the new AT boards that are being released by Forge World are deliberately designed so that they can be set up with roads that can not be traversed by larger engines to give some tactical advantages to smaller engines.

We also got a bit of an introduction to the command tiles for Warlord Titans and Knight Titans - the key thing is void shield and reactor management - if your void shield bursts or you overload your reactor things are not going to go well for your titan as they will be incredibly vulnerable to damage and will potentially start taking critical damage which will reduce the titans long term effectiveness (mobility, firepower, structural integrity, out-right engine kill...).

Ce que l'on sait des règles... At_rules_01-547d915

Here we got an overview of army composition, the roles of the different titans that will be available soon after launch and how they can be armed.

In terms of maniple composition (which is the key thing here), this is what the command terminal packs provide. The command terminal packs provide you with a maniple composition amongst other things - for example, the Axiom Command Terminal pack provides you with everything (apart from models and weapons cards) to field a pre-selected maniple consisting of 1 warlord, 1-2 reavers and 1-2 warhounds. If you build a maniple that is compatible with the terminal pack you can get extra rules such as improved command rolls - so think of them like formations but not as game breaking as some of the ones in 7th.

Ce que l'on sait des règles... At_rules_02-547d91f

The titan roles should be pretty self explanatory really - Warlord is a slow but resilient heavy hitter, Reaver is a middle of the road kind of titan, Warhound is a fast glass cannon, Knights are flank protectors and irritants - don't ignore them though as they can take down an injured titan caught off guard!

Weapons are important here as you need to have a balance between shield breakers and engine killers, too much of a focus either way may result in you not being able to quickly take down enemy titans.
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MessageSujet: Re: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitimeSam 19 Mai - 14:44

Sur Dakka dakka, j'ai trouvé les images suivantes mais après recherche elles étaient déjà présentes sur le forum (https://epic-fr.niceboard.com/t6863p175-premiere-photo-du-renouveau-horus-heresy-adeptus-titanicu)

Ce que l'on sait des règles... At_ref12

Ce que l'on sait des règles... At_ref13

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MessageSujet: Re: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitimeMer 23 Mai - 15:21

Très intéressant ces scans en anglais... j'ai hâte bordel...
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MessageSujet: Re: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitimeSam 18 Aoû - 13:45

A mon avis, on peut déjà relire la précédente version d'Adeptus Titanicus (ça doit être trouvable sur le net ou via MP)
Les aperçus et le White Dwarf me donnent franchement l'impression qu'ils sont repartis de ce corpus avec quelques modifs par ci par là
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Ce que l'on sait des règles... Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitimeVen 24 Aoû - 11:09

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore craqué, j'ai fait une petite review des règles ici:

Et je teste demain avec des figs Epic oldschool, le temps que les figs soient prêtes.
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MessageSujet: Re: Ce que l'on sait des règles...   Ce que l'on sait des règles... Icon_minitime

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Ce que l'on sait des règles...
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